Oscar Galea Coca was born in San Fernando (Andalusia), Spain. He has been living in Bordeaux since 2005 and has been jointly developing a career as a jewelry designer and as a musician.

Multi-instrumentalist bass player from his beginnings in Spain with the Spanish Punk rock group “eseoese” 1995/2000 and the noise-post electro rock group “Henry”  2000-2004 Kuito recordings/Popstock/Warner.

Since his arrival in Bordeaux in 2005, he has participated to various projects. He was the bassist and founder of the Bordeaux post-rock-noise group “Cinq” from 2012 to 2015. Multi-instrumentalist bassist of the Bordeaux coldwave /synthwave group “Zero Branco” from 2012 to 2019. Video ” No More “ Kitchen Sessoins.

Currently and since the end of 2014, he is the bass player and active member of the post-punk-dance group “Sweat like an Ape!” with which he records the last two albums with Platinum records. Video Groom of Doom “ & ” Sweety “ (Release Party last album- Krakatoa 23/05/19), My silent House (offial video).

For the past year, he has been developing « Kokolioubov », a cold / wave / trans duo with Elizabeth Saint-Jalmes as well as his solo project « Tio Madrona » in which, as a multi-instrumentalist and singer, he digests Hispano-arabish sonorities to create a dark and onyric atmosphere.